Maryvale places a high value on class attendance. There is a direct correlation between attendance and academic success. Attendance at school must be the first priority of the student and her parents/guardians. Every student is expected to be present and on time for every scheduled class.

Absence Protocol: Anytime a student will be absent from a class due to illness, doctor's appointment, travel, or college visit, parents will need to complete the attendance form below. This form should be completed in advance of the absence. Documentation of a doctor's appointment or college visit (itinerary) should be emailed directly to A doctor's note is required for frequent and/or prolonged illnesses.

Absence is any time a student is not in class or school. The administration determines whether an absence is excused or unexcused. A phone call on the day of the absence does not suffice for the attendance form. 

  • Parents must complete the Absent Form for any partial or full day absence. If students are traveling, please complete the Absent Form two weeks before departure.
  • Students participating in extracurricular athletics must attend classes in-person.