Maryvale places a high value on class attendance. There is a direct correlation between attendance and academic success. Attendance at school must be the first priority of the student and her parents/guardians. Every student is expected to be present and on time for every scheduled class.

Absence is any time a student is not in class or school. The administration determines whether an absence is excused or unexcused. On the day a student is absent, a call to the school office from a parent/guardian stating the reason for the absence is required. On the day a student returns to school following an absence, the guardian is required to email or use the form below with a dated note explaining the reason for the absence. A phone call on the day of the absence does not suffice for the email. If a note is not received, a demerit will be issued. A doctor's certificate is required for frequent and/or prolonged illnesses. The reception office will call families of students who are absent from school daily.