Alumnae Association

A message from Alumnae Association President Natasha Nechay-Arnold '98

I’m extremely honored to be the next President of the Alumnae.  My journey back to Maryvale started a couple of years ago when asked to serve on the Alumnae Board.  I have helped with all Alumnae events at Maryvale and have even Co–chaired one of my new favorite events the Bull and Oyster Roast!  This journey has reminded me of how much I loved being on campus and being a part of this amazing sisterhood that I became part of during my 6 years at Maryvale.  

I love that all my favorite traditions are still a part of Maryvale, like Big and Little Sisters, Gym Meet, Ring Dance, Candy Cane Social, graduation and so much more. And I really enjoy that I can be a part of these events as an Alumnae.  And to make it all a little extra special, my daughter chose to become a part of the Maryvale also, which makes it all a little sweeter.  

I have also enjoyed reconnecting with my sisters from other classes.  I love seeing and meeting all the alumnae that have helped Maryvale in so many ways.  From mentoring students to volunteering at events, to helping with fundraising and even donations to school events.  Giving back to Maryvale what they gave us so many years ago.  

I encourage all my fellow alumnae to come out to any Maryvale event and to see the community that is waiting for you with open arms.  I also challenge the Alumnae to be an active member and join the Alumnae Association. This helps all alumnae connect to other alumnae as well as the student body and the whole Maryvale community.  Maryvale has grown some amazing, talented, independent, successful, strong women and we need to show our future Alumnae what it means to have a sisterhood that is strong like what we have now. 

Come reconnect with Maryvale!!! GO LIONS!!! 

Natasha Nechay-Arnold '98 
Alumnae Association President


The mission of the Maryvale Alumnae Association is to promote communication and goodwill between the alumnae and the school and to cultivate and maintain involvement in the Maryvale of today.

In recognizing that the alumnae are the heart of Maryvale, representing its past, present and future, appropriate attention must be given to keeping alumnae abreast of the overall progress of the institution, academically, physically and financially. This will serve as a means to telegraph Maryvale’s successes to its graduates and attract second generation students, as well as to increase the solid annual financial support solicited from alumnae. The presentation of opportunities to maintain and renew friendships is also critical to retaining the interest of alumnae in the present and future of Maryvale, specifically in the areas of volunteer and financial support.

The Office of Alumnae Relations continues to develop alumnae interest and interaction with the students at Maryvale today. This association will give the students opportunities to interact with positive role models and develop a link with women with whom they will share a future in the association.

The rewards that can be reaped from continued cultivation, communication and stimulation among alumnae will be measured in their willingness to give back something to a school and “family” that played an integral role in the weaving of the fabric of their lives and to share with us their greatest treasures, their daughters and nieces.

Alumnae Association
Meeting Dates

September 13

November 8

January 10

March 6

May 22

All meetings begin at 7 p.m and will take place in the Rodriguez Dining Hall.

Alumnae Association Board


Natasha Nechay-Arnold '98

Julia Morrison Kilcullen '13
Vice President

Katherine Dembeck '15
Secretary/ Bullroast Auction Chair

Valerie Taylor '11

Erika Morant '03

Board Members

Bonnie Caslow Allan '68

Rachel Bradley '11

Bronwyn Byron '73

Brooke Stastny DiManno '99

Laura Hart '11

Kelsey Horner '12

Barbara Kavanaugh '19

Alison Strouse LeBoutillier '93

Ilsa van der Berg Marden '05

Jane-Marie Morrison '84

Kelly Devlin Naber '00

Roxanne de Guzman Nanney '13

Nikki Zappacosta Radebaugh '97

Jessica Simermeyer '09

Cailin Kilduff Stine '11

Emma Taylor '11

Maggie McElroy Treon '10

Contact the Director

Molly O'Conor Bell '96
Director of Alumnae Engagement & Giving