Learning Support

With our personalized classroom experience, innovative teaching methods, and flexible curriculum, we are able to provide the individualized approach each student needs to excel in all aspects of her education.

St. Julie Billiart Program

The St. Julie Billiart Program serves college-bound students with diagnosed language-based learning differences. SJB students receive coaching from experienced learning specialists using proven instructional methods, allowing them to successfully navigate our college-preparatory curriculum.

Ford Program

The Ford Program is designed to help students navigate their coursework while strengthening their organization, time management and study skills. Through direct instruction, students gain critical tools to support academic success in high school and college. Enrolled students are provided individualized assistance, according to our 5:1 model.

St. Julie Billiart Program Ford Program
for students diagnosed with language-based learning differences for students with ADHD or additional executive functioning challenges
student/teacher ratio is 2:1 student/teacher ratio is 5:1
available for students from 6th-12th grade students available for 6th-9th grade students, with an expectation to transition out of the program
10 years strong! 2022-2023 was the Ford Program's inaugural year!

In both the St. Julie Billiart Program and the Ford Program, girls learn how to navigate their coursework while strengthening their organization, time management, and study skills. These programs help each student gain critical tools to support their academic success through Maryvale’s rigorous college preparatory program as well as throughout their college careers.