Academic Excellence

Academic excellence is a Maryvale hallmark.

From college preparatory classes to AP courses, we offer the right amount of rigor for the region’s brightest students. Using the latest technology resources, every girl is challenged, stretched and afforded the opportunity to reach a potential … never thought possible!

Middle School

Maryvale Middle School Science

In the Middle School, our talented team of teachers and administrators gets to know every girl. We take the time to understand her hopes and dreams, which allows us to map out a personalized path to grow her confidence and ensure her success in the classroom, on the field and in the theater.

Our exciting curriculum infused with technology lays the foundation for a strong college preparatory learning experience. Each Middle Schooler is exposed to classes in theology, English, mathematics, history, science, world language, leadership as well as library skills and research. Further, each Middle Schooler is given the opportunity to participate in physical education and wellness, band and choir.

Critical thinking, communication and creativity are also reinforced through Maryvale’s unique collaborative approach in the Middle School. Responding to studies showing that movement helps Middle Schoolers absorb and retain new material, we offer many hands-on learning opportunities for our girls to be on the go throughout the day. From making Maglev trains in Science class to filming friends with GoPros in a Digital Media elective, our Middle Schoolers are moving and learning on every corner of our 100-plus-acre campus.

Upper School

Maryvale Upper School EnglishWe recognize that each Upper Schooler is different and develops at her own pace, which is why many areas of our Upper School curriculum feature four levels of learning – College Preparatory, Accelerated, Honors and Advanced Placement. Our faculty and staff get to know every student and her aspirations in order to provide her with a customized learning experience. They are also trained to recognize when a girl may need more support, more independence or more rigor.

Starting in the ninth grade, the required course of study includes Theology, English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, World Language, Physical Education/Wellness and a variety of electives, which includes many different leadership courses through Maryvale’s signature Leadership Institute.

Thanks to the interest of our passionate, forward-thinking students, Maryvale also proudly offers numerous courses that align with many career paths. These classes add a valuable element to the Maryvale educational experience and help prepare girls for their next steps. Students intrigued with the legal field may opt for our Introduction to Law or Forensics classes. Students with an insatiable appetite for storytelling and cinematography may take a variety of classes including, Journalism, Computer-Assisted Drawing and Web Design, that feature our new AVID software, the same technology used to make Star Trek and Star Wars. And students with a love of Broadway may discover a different side of the arts by electing Theatrical Technical Production, made possible by our state-of-the-art sound booth inside the Erinn McCarthy Humanities Hall Theater.

Further, partnerships with Towson University and Anne Arundel Community College allow students with very specific career interests to pursue their passions through tailor-made independent studies during their junior and senior years at Maryvale. Girls who participate in these exciting and unique partnerships often receive college credit, giving them a head start on the next phase of their academic journey.