2020 Alumna of the Year

Nominations deadline: Feb. 17, 2020

The Alumnae Association of Maryvale annually presents its highest recognition, the Alumna of the Year Award, to an outstanding graduate.

Nominations may be submitted by anyone who knows the nominee and can share information to support consideration of the nominee for the Alumna of the Year Award. Nominations may be presented by a Maryvale alumna, a family member, or a friend of the nominee. The Award Selection Committee will review all nominations and will recognize the 2020 Alumna of the Year at the Alumnae Induction Ceremony, which will be held this year on May 8, 2020.

Nominations need to include the following information about the nominee:

  • Service to Maryvale is a top criterion; as is a demonstration of the nominee’s active engagement (previously or currently) in advancing the mission and vision of Maryvale.
  • Nominees must have graduated at least 10 years ago. This year, the cutoff is the Class of 2010.
  • The nominee must have been (or may still be) involved within the Maryvale community in one or more ways. For example, as a volunteer leader or volunteer with the Alumnae Association, the Parents Association-Sports Boosters; a member of the Board of Trustees; a donor to Maryvale; or, other substantial involvement.
  • Alumnae who have been (or are) members of the faculty, staff, or coaching staff are eligible for consideration.
  • The recipient must be a well-respected member of the community, professionally and personally.
  • Prior recipients of the Alumna of the Year Award are eligible for consideration.

Please send your 2020 Alumna of the Year nominations by Feb. 17, 2020 to:

Cathy Vitrano Kellermann '73
Director of Alumnae and Parent Relations
Maryvale Preparatory School
11300 Falls Road
Lutherville, MD 21093
Email: kellermannc@maryvale.com

2019 Alumna of the Year: Elizabeth Macsherry Moag '79

Maryvale Alumna of the Year - Liz Moag

Patty Macsherry Pontier '75, Francie Shehan Macsherry '51, Alumna of the Year Elizabeth "Liz" Macsherry Moag '79 and Tony Moag, former board chair (from left to right)

Contact the Alumnae Director

Director of Alumnae and Parent Relations Cathy Vitrano Kellermann '73

Cathy Vitrano Kellermann '73

Director of Alumnae and Parent Relations



Alumna of the Year
Award Recipients

1991 Catherine Vitrano Kellermann ’73 and Kathalee Malon O’Conor ’68

1992 Jane Bracken Mace ’65

1993 Patricia J. Mitchell ’65

1994 Tracy Bagli Hooper ’73

1995 Marion Connolly ’68 and Patricia M. C. Brown ’78

2000 Maureen Keelty Suelau ’72 and Julia McNeal Smith ’78

2001 Bronwyn Byron ’73

2002 Marci Prosser Reihart ’73

2003 Cindy Davis ’82

2004 Hon. Patricia Shimanek Pytash ’58

2005 Jean Bell Hessenauer ’66

2006 Mary Ellen Rector Fise ’74

2007 Mary Lochboehler Kilbourne ’57

2008 Kim Goldsmith McCain ’71

2009 Dolly Wells Mersinger ’67

2010 Elizabeth Lerch Visconage ’74

2011 Mary Teresa Smith Cook ’69

2012 Mary Catherine Bunting ’55

2013 Karen Geckle Moritz ’81

2014 Erin Stewart Howland ’89

2015 Heather Klink ’84

2016 Abigail Adams Brigstocke ’86

2017 Catherine Cochran Peddy ’62

2018 Sr. Catherine Phelps, SNDdeN '49