Middle School

Middle School Head Jennifer Nicholas with Students

Welcome to the exciting world of Maryvale’s Middle School—an environment perfectly tailored to the academic, social and spiritual needs of adolescent girls!

Guided by the charisma of our founders, the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur, we ignite our students’ curiosity and enthusiasm for learning, preparing them for lifelong success and leadership as citizens in the global community.

In accordance with our philosophy, the following objectives are set forth. Maryvale’s Middle School:

      • Challenges students with the excitement of learning and instills pride in academic success;
      • Encourages integrity, resourcefulness and responsibility to foster personal growth;
      • Attends to the needs of the individual learner so that each student may develop in a cooperative environment in the way she learns best;
      • Provides academic, spiritual and social guidance through the Advisory Program;
      • Promotes the well-being of each student through physical movement, wellness education and leadership lessons; and
      • Emphasizes pride, loyalty and friendship in an atmosphere of mutual respect among students, peers, faculty and administration.

Customized Education

Maryvale's specialized, talented faculty and staff in the Middle School guide each student to her potential. Our size allows for each teacher or administrator to provide individualized, student-centered instruction. Maryvale’s Middle School academics are rigorous, reflecting and embracing our students’ diverse talents while motivating them to discover, create and achieve.

Our exciting curriculum infused with technology lays the foundation for a strong college preparatory learning experience. Each Middle Schooler is exposed to classes in Theology, English, Mathematics, History, Science, World Languages, Leadership as well as library skills and research. Further, each Middle Schooler is given the opportunity to participate in physical education and wellness, band and choir.

Critical thinking, communication and creativity are also reinforced through Maryvale’s unique collaborative approach in the Middle School. Responding to studies showing that movement helps Middle Schoolers absorb and retain new material, we offer many hands-on learning opportunities for our girls to be on the go throughout the day.

Student Life

Innovative programs — from the Leadership Institute to our unique STEAM (STEM + Art) offerings during “Mini-Mester” — inspire our young women. A full range of extracurricular clubs and sports help students to explore, to make choices and to grow. Our regular Advisory Program and student-led assemblies enable every girl to feel a part of a strong, supportive community. As participants in the robust Christian service program, Maryvale Middle Schoolers participate in regular quiet reflection and spiritual exercises.

I invite you to visit and experience the joy and energy of the Maryvale community. You won’t find a more vibrant, inclusive Middle School environment!

- Jennifer Nicholas, Middle School Head/Academic Dean