Visual Arts

Maryvale Visual Arts
Maryvale Digital Arts

The Visual Arts Program at Maryvale is a focused set of courses designed to prepare young women for a variety of creative concentrations in college.

Art students will be offered a wide range of artistic experiences while at Maryvale. Elective courses include: Art I and II, Advanced Studio I and II, AP Studio, Digital Photography, Design and Visual Thinking and Graphic Design.

All courses are a semester long except for AP Senior Studio, Senior Studio and the Independent Study Course, which meet all year. The creative energy is high and the devotion to student achievement is our priority. Upon completion of the Visual Arts Track, students receive a certificate that allows them to take more visual arts courses.

Our digital media program combines art fundamentals with the latest creative technologies. Through innovative digital media courses, students will learn how to create powerful images for a variety of purposes.

We proudly offer Digital Photography l and ll, Graphic Design, Elements of Visual Thinking, Computer-Assisted Drawing and Web Design, just to name a few.