Parents' Association

The Maryvale Parents' Association is a volunteer organization comprised of Middle School and Upper School mothers and fathers who promote a sense of community through social events and fundraising activities during the school year. The Association, previously the Mothers' and Fathers' clubs, is a leading donor to the Maryvale Fund.

2017-2018 Parents' Association Leadership

Co-Presidents: Mary and Carl Francioli P '21, '23

Co-Vice Presidents: Jen and Craig Ronald P '21

Treasurer: Lee Diemer P '21

Immediate Past Presidents: Abigail Adams Brigstocke '86, P '17; Julie Halvorsen P '17, '19 and Bill Batton P '20

Class Representatives

Class of 2018: Kelly Paszkiewicz P '18, '20 and Amy Marts P '18

Class of 2019: Linda Pineo P '19 and Cathy Williams P '19, '22

Class of 2020: Lisa Betts P '20 and Wendy Guidera P '20

Class of 2021: Tracy Philips P '21 and Stacy Caines P '21

Class of 2022: Michelle Love P '20, '22 and Allison Gerbereux P '22

Class of 2023: Emily and Jovie Soriano P '21, '23

Class of 2024: Lindsay Kinkead P '21, '23, Julie Waldron P '24 and Jaime Tiption P '24

Event/Committee Representatives

28th Annual Maryvale Golf & Tennis Classic: Bill Armstrong P '19 and Christy and Matt Bleach P '18

Candy Cane Social: Jenn Brown P '21 and Mary Fran Evert GP '21

Christmas Shops @ Maryvale: Abigail Adams Brigstocke '86, P '17, Julie Halvorsen P '17, '19 and Anna Wehberg P '21, '23

Dads' Night Out: Jack Williams P '19, '22

Father-Daughter Dinner Dance: Jack Williams P '19, '22

Hospitality Committee/Faculty Appreciation: Lynn Wittstadt P '22

Mother-Daughter Liturgy: Kate Buchanan P '20 and Nicole Hewitt '92, P '20

Used Uniform Sale: Kristen Sayan P '22 and Vicki Weyforth P '20

*Please contact your class representative (listed above) for additional information about parent gatherings.

Additional Parents' Association Fundraising Opportunities

Clothing to Cash: The Maryvale Parents’ Association receives payment for every pound of used clothes and other items donated through Capitol Clothing Recyclers. You many bring in clothing, footwear, bedding/textiles, accessories (handbags, backpacks, gloves, jewelry, wallets, etc.) and stuffed animals. Items can be in any condition. Package the donations in plastic bags (garbage size) and place them in the white collection bin in the school parking lot.

Amazon Smile: When you shop at, you will find the exact same low prices, vast selection and convenient shopping experience as And better yet, Maryvale gets a percentage of the sales! Simply go to, select Maryvale (Brooklandville, MD) to receive donations from your purchases and shop away!

Boxtops for Education: Please cut out and save the Boxtops for Education coupons found on various food items. You may drop them off in the Reception Office.

2017-2018 Parents' Association Meetings

Meetings will be held in the Rodriguez Center Dining Room.

All Maryvale parents are invited
to attend!

Thursday, Nov. 9
8 a.m.

Thursday, Jan. 18
6:30 p.m.

Thursday, April 19
8 a.m.

Thursday, June 7
6:30 p.m.

*If you would like a copy of the minutes from past Parents' Association meetings, please contact your class representative.

2017-2018 Parents' Association-Sponsored Events

28th Annual Maryvale Golf & Tennis Classic
Thursday, May 24
Hillendale Country Club