Athletic Hall of Fame

2018 Maryvale Athletic Hall of Fame Inductees

The 2018 Athletic Hall of Fame inductees during the Induction Ceremony on May 5, 2018

Maryvale’s Athletic Hall of Fame, inaugurated in the spring of 2003, honors those women and men who have contributed to the Athletic Department at Maryvale with talent, character and spirit.


The Athletic Hall of Fame Selection Committee regularly seeks nominations from athletes, teammates, friends and family members based on the criteria below.

    1. No athlete shall be considered for selection until ten years after the graduation of her class.
    2. An athlete must have earned a minimum of two varsity athletic letters.
    3. Any present or former Maryvale coach or present or former member of the Maryvale community.
    4. Athletic Department individual with 10 years of service is eligible for induction in to Maryvale’s Athletic Hall of Fame.
    5. To be eligible, with the exception of coaches or members of the Athletic Department, an individual must have received a Maryvale diploma.
    6. The record of the individual considered should be so outstanding that there is no question as to the qualifications necessary for induction.
    7. Qualifications and criteria should be based on the candidate’s participation in athletics while attending Maryvale and could include athletic accomplishments after leaving the school.
    8. Consideration shall be given for personal conduct in life exemplifying the high ideals of Maryvale Preparatory School.
    9. A maximum of 10 living members and one deceased member from a list of nominees shall be elected by a two-thirds vote of the Selection Committee.

Athletic Hall of Fame Inductees

Class of 2018


Kathleen Chrest Erbe ’02

Lauren Parker Kelly ’02

Heather Klink ’84

Coach James S. McCoach

Maeve McKew '05

Megan Huether Nicotra ’02

Carol Bohager Schreiber ’62

Marty Voelkel-Hanssen ’75

Basketball Teams from 1984-1988

Meg Kenney Aldridge ’89

Michelle Beach ’86

Catherine Wexler Bishop ’85

Lisa Windsor Blum ’89

Kimberley Christine ’87

Stephanie Young Clayville ’88

Kelley Christine Duruman ’86

Tara Munster Girch ’87

Erin Stewart Howland ’89

Marce Fackler Hughes ’88

Christine Weber Ilgenfritz ’86

Susan Janicki ’89

Teresa Alborn Johnston ’87

Coach Barbara Reahl Kasun

Joy Bogusky Lewandowski ’87

Coach Desales Linton ’75

Jennifer Bogusky Moessbauer ’86

Cynthia Montanye Morrison ’85

Nicole Cremen Ready ’88

Nancy Stafford Shipley ’89

Jennifer Ulehla ’86

Amy Gelazela Valle ’89

Kristin Bartholomay Wilhelmsen ’88

Class of 2008

Sharon O’Meara Boynton '70

Meghan Doyle Finkel '95

Beth Perry '81

Pauline Auriemma Smith '57

Kelly O’Shea Swanson '83

Jennifer Ulehla '86

Class of 2003

Carole Hughes Connelly '58

Judy Anton Davies '62

Erin Stewart Howland '89

Barbara Jung '71

Athletic Director Ann Smyth Kelly

Louise Lears '68

Desales Linton '75

Athletic Director Anne McCloskey

Pamela Hennegan Moore '58

Janet Eisenhut Pisanic '79

Loretta Tontz Walker '67