Performing Arts Mastery Program

The Performing Arts Mastery Program is designed for students who excel in the performing arts. To successfully complete the program, students must complete two performing arts credits, design and implement a capstone service project to benefit the Maryvale community based in performing arts, and create a portfolio that encapsulates their performing arts experience at Maryvale.

Benefits of the Performing Arts Mastery Program

  • Portfolio for college
  • Increased opportunities for networking in performing arts
  • Exposure to Performing Arts Speaker Series
  • Specialized field trips to develop skills

Academic Requirements

2 credits of Performing Arts courses

Performing Arts Portfolio

  • 10 hours of community service to Maryvale Performing Arts Department
  • Musical or play requirement
  • Cultural competency reflection
  • Collaborative Middle School experience
  • Yearly performing arts reflections - (freshman, sophomore, junior and senior years)
  • Growth mindset personal narrative
  • Capstone project
    • Proposal
    • Rubric
    • Planning reflection
    • Photos/videos/other media of capstone project
    • Capstone reflection

Capstone Project

  • A major component of the student’s portfolio
  • Service project designed by the student and chair to benefit the community through a performing arts- based project.
  • Project demonstrates student’s mastery of their area of specialization within the context of the performing arts.