Students who are in their sophomore year who previously completed the Intent to Participate form by November 15, 2019 are eligible to use this form to apply to become a Leadership Scholar.

To apply for the Leadership Certificate Program, please complete the following:

  • Application and Essays: Please provide the applicant information requested below as well as the answers to both essay questions.
  • Please submit two Letters of Recommendation:
    • One internal – from a Maryvale administrator, faculty, staff member or coach
    • One external – from an employer or family friend as a character witness. Letters may NOT be submitted by any relative.

We ask that those writing your letters of recommendation explain why you would be a good addition to this special leadership program and attest to your character, integrity and other positive attributes. Please ask those writing your letters to put your name in the subject line and email their letters directly to:

  • Leadership Service Journal: Please submit a copy of your Leadership Service Journal in the form below (attach as a Word attachment).

Please note: Everything on this application must be your own work. The form must be completed by you and the answers to the questions written by you (without help from parents or friends).

  • Deadline for 2020 Application Period is February 21, 2020. All applications, essays, service journals and letters of recommendation must be received by this date. If you have any questions, please email Mrs. Fise.