Leadership Capstone Research Topics

The Leadership Capstone course is one of four courses students must complete to earn the Leadership Certificate at graduation. As part of the Capstone course, each student selects a topic (related to leadership) that she will explore during her Capstone semester and works closely with an Advisor from the school’s faculty, staff or administration. A list of all previous Maryvale Capstone topics is below.

Through primary and secondary research (and the opportunity to shadow or intern), the student digs deeper on this one topic. The culminating product is a 30 minute presentation. In addition, all students present a shorter version of their slide deck at a Capstone Presentation and Reception to which parents, faculty, staff, administration, and Leadership Scholars in the younger classes are invited. This event will take place twice in the 2020-2021 school year – at the end of each semester.

Leadership Scholars: Class of 2021 - Leadership Scholars Capstone Research Topics

  • Growth Mindset and Grit: A Powerful Combination for Leadership Development
  • How Leaders Can Motivate Young People to Take Action to Address Climate Change
  • Challenges Women Leaders Face in the Field of Veterinary Medicine
  • Changing Leadership in a Male Dominated Industry: How Women Leaders Are Cracking the Glass Ceiling in the Film Industry
  • Women Coaches for Women Athletes: Does Leadership of Women by Women Make a Difference?
  • Leadership Challenges Facing Women Physicians in Sports Medicine 
  • Balancing the Scale: Women Criminologists and Women Criminals Rory Kenney: Mental Health’s Impact on the Leadership Success of Young Athletes
  • The Importance of Emotional Intelligence in Hiring and Developing Future Leaders
  • Women’s Leadership in Male-Dominated Sports: The Benefits and Challenges of Women in Men’s Professional Sports
  • How Women Leaders in Film Influence the Representation of Women On and Off the Screen
  • The Effects of Playing Sports on Leadership: An Examination of How Women’s Participation in Sports Builds and Enhances Leadership Skills
  • Transferring Leadership Skills: Leadership Lessons from the Track
  • Can Role-Playing Games Prepare Future Leaders for Success?
  • The Importance of Diversity for Workplace Team and Leadership Roles
  • Removing Barriers to Leadership: Is It Possible to Inoculate Against Imposter Syndrome?
  • Female Leadership in the Beauty Care Industry

Leadership Scholars: Class of 2020 Capstone Research Topics

  • The Effects of Family Life on Leadership
  • Positivity as a Leadership Attribute
  • Breaking the Leadership Glass Ceiling in Medicine: What It Takes for Women in Medicine to Succeed
  • Education Reform in Baltimore City: Who is Leading and How?
  • An Examination of the Leadership Abilities and Strengths of African American Women Educated at Predominantly White Schools
  • The Role of Leadership and Social Media in Affecting Adolescents’ Mental Health
  • How Ethnicity and Language Affect Leadership
  • Tomorrow’s Women in STEM: Igniting a Passion for STEM in Middle School Girls
  • The Importance of Knowledge and Experience in Effective Leadership
  • The Importance of Education in Creating Women Leaders
  • Women in Forensics: An Examination of Why Women Lead and Flourish in this Scientific Field
  • The Influence of School Building Design on Leadership Attributes of Young People

Leadership Scholars: Class of 2019 Capstone Research Topics


  • Women Leadership in the Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • Pay Equity and Leadership Responsibility
  • Dyslexic Leaders in Business
  • Shared Leadership – A New Model of Nonprofit Organization Leadership

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