Maryvale Student Leaders
Maryvale Leadership Institute Field Trip to Johns Hopkins Hospital

Our customized curriculum – developed by women leaders with decades of experience in business, education and law – is infused into every class and Advisory from grades six through 12. Whether Middle Schoolers are embarking on a collaborative writing assignment or Upper Schoolers are preparing for a Robotics competition, leadership lessons are deliberately offered at every turn.

Leadership and Technology Prep

This semester-long course is designed to empower Maryvale ninth grade students to be prepared for the challenges of Upper School. Students have an early opportunity to develop their organizational, communication, research and goal-setting skills in a small group setting.

Foundations of Leadership

Drawing from the university model that uses outside speakers to enhance classroom presentation, this elective for 11th and 12th graders combines self-evaluation tools, reading, research and engagement with community leaders to foster individual leadership and self- confidence in each student.

Middle School Leadership Course

An integral part of the Middle School program, this quarter-year leadership course allows all Middle School students to begin developing skills that will serve them for a lifetime. Goal-setting, team building, public speaking and written communication skills, as well as an introduction to financial literacy, are just a few of the topics covered.