For Sr. Shawn Marie Maguire, SND - With Love and Memories

Maryvale’s beloved Headmistress, Sr. Shawn, will long be remembered for her contributions as a school leader and her legendary impact on generations of students, faculty, alumnae and friends. Your donation to the Sr. Shawn Marie Maguire, SND Endowment Fund will ensure that her legacy continues to inspire the life of the school she loved so much.


Welcome from Sherry Pudloski '85



Conversations about Sr. Shawn

Sherry Pudloski: I had the chance to catch up with Meg Kenney Aldridge, Class of 1989. Meg took some time from her very full life as a relationship manager at T. Rowe Price, mom of a son and a daughter, stepmom of three and pet mom to four dogs to talk to me about Sr. Shawn.

Meg comes from a long legacy of Lions. Her mom, aunts and uncles attended Maryvale. Meg and her two sisters are graduates, and Meg’s daughter, now a sophomore in college, is a recent grad.

Sherry Pudloski: What do you remember most about Sr. Shawn?

Meg Kenney Aldridge: Sr. Shawn demonstrated character by example. She had an impeccable character. She led in a way that included everyone. She created a family and community and was 100 percent dedicated to Maryvale. 

Sherry Pudloski: And how did she show that?

Meg Kenney Aldridge: When I think of Maryvale, I think of Sr. Shawn. She greeted us every day at the front door, enthusiastically embracing the day. She came to every one of our games and was there for all of us at school, and beyond. When someone in our family was sick or passed away, Sr. Shawn was there to support us, even years after graduation.

Sherry Pudloski: What lessons did you learn from Sr. Shawn?

Meg Kenney Aldridge: Sr. Shawn taught me early in my life the importance of giving back and serving others.

Sherry Pudloski: What impact did Sr. Shawn have on Maryvale?

Meg Kenney Aldridge: Sr. Shawn created a sense of nurturing at Maryvale that brought out the best in everyone. For all the students, Maryvale was a place where we could focus on our strengths and where we were supported by love. It’s a culture that’s still alive today, creating a place where young women become their best.

Sherry Pudloski: What is your hope for Maryvale’s future?

Meg Kenney Aldridge: During my time, Maryvale was a community where girls experienced unconditional love no matter what their differences. That foundation produced strong women of character who were ready to give back early and often. That foundation and culture will make Maryvale a special place into the future.

Sherry Pudloski: Any final thoughts?

Meg Kenney Aldridge: Sr. Shawn lived a life well-lived. She impacted so many young women, and her legacy lives on in our hearts and lives. It’s up to us to keep Maryvale’s promise to young women for generations to come.

Remembering Sister Shawn Marie Maguire, SND

Maryvale students, faculty, staff and alumnae participated in a Prayer Service in memory of Sr. Shawn Marie Maguire, SND on Nov. 2, 2020Click here to watch portions of the prayer service.