Sports Boosters

Sports Boosters is a parent-run organization whose primary purpose is to provide financial assistance to enhance the on-field success of the athletic programs at Maryvale.

Sports Boosters focuses on the needs of the Athletic Department as a whole and not on individual sports. Sports Boosters also seeks to foster school spirit and encourage participation by all of our girls.

We encourage you to get involved and join us at the upcoming social and sporting events!

2019-2020 Sports Boosters Leadership

Co-Presidents: Lisa and Bob Thomas P '20

Secretary/Treasurer: Doug Heidrick P '21

Advertisement Opportunities

Opportunities to advertise around Maryvale's campus are available! You may purchase a space on the fence enclosing the turf field to display a company banner or a naming plate on an Adirondack chair that sits on the hill next to the bleachers. Simply download the form below to get started. Questions? Contact Karen Geckle Moritz '81 at

Adirondack Chair Sponsorship Form

Turf Field Advertisement Form

2019-2020 Sports Boosters Meetings

Meetings will be held in the Rodriguez Center Dining Room at 6:30 p.m.

All Maryvale parents are invited to attend!

Thursday, September 26

Thursday, November 7

Thursday, January 23

Thursday, April 30