Maryvale Music

An instrumental music class is offered to all Upper School students as an elective course during the school day. Students in the instrumental program will have the opportunity to perform at the fall and spring concerts.

The Band Program at Maryvale gives students the opportunity to play an instrument of choice. A band class is offered during the school day and students are able to showcase their talents at the Winter and Spring Concerts.

Further, Maryvale's Middle School offers students an innovative, collaborative learning experience in music. This curriculum allows students to develop both creative and leadership skills through technology enhanced visual art projects and musical performance.

All Maryvale sixth graders enroll in an introductory music class. There, they study music history, theory and instrumental music, and also have the opportunity to sing with their classmates. Maryvale seventh and eighth graders have the opportunity to study a band instrument, a string instrument, or vocal technique through choir. Each student can choose one for the year. Each ensemble is grouped by grade to ensure a beneficial teacher to student ratio. A winter and spring concert is required.

Choir Programs

Maryvale Singers

Maryvale Singers is the premier choral ensemble offered to students in grades 9-12. This ensemble performs a varied repertoire, ranging from sacred to secular music. The Chorale performs at the annual winter and spring concerts as well as regional competitions and showcases.

Mixed Choir

Maryvale's Mixed Choir is the choral ensemble offered to both Middle and Upper School students. The Mixed Choir meets twice a week during the Resource period. Students participating in this group have the opportunity to perform at the winter and spring concerts in addition to all-school gatherings and Liturgies.

Middle School Choir

The Middle School Choir is offered to students in grades six through eight. All Middle School students have the opportunity to participate in the Choir. The Choir meets as a class period during the school day and performs in both the winter and spring concerts as well as school events. As both individuals and as a group, the girls focus on strengthening musical skills while gaining exposure to many different styles of choral music.