Why Maryvale

Maryvale’s dedicated teachers, administrators and staff help every girl learn, lead and succeed...reaching a potential never thought possible...in school and in life.

Several members of the Class of 2014 thanked the Maryvale community during the picture-perfect June 6 Commencement. Here’s what they had to say:

“Maryvale’s mission statement says that the school prepares young women for life. It would be impossible to achieve this goal without the amazing dedication of every member of the faculty, staff and administration. Every one of us has felt this dedication, guidance, compassion and caring over the past four — or seven — years.”

- Peyton Courtney, Class of 2014
College of Charleston

“Our teachers have not only taught us the subject matter, but also planted the seeds of leadership, compassion, awareness and integrity. The faculty, staff and administration have created a community where we have always felt safe and nurtured, but also challenged to become better people.”

- Lizzie Piet, Class of 2014
St. Joseph’s University

“... When you look back, it’s amazing to see the little changes that have added up — that went by unnoticed for so long.”

- Gabby Lago, Class of 2014
Purdue University, College of Engineering

“We have power now and, yes that is daunting at times, but isn’t that what we have worked for these past four and seven years? Our worlds have been changing around us, but now it’s time for us to start changing our world.”

- Jasmine Brown, Class of 2014
University of Maryland, College Park

These remarks represent the transformative, joyful Maryvale experience. But, go beyond these words. We encourage you to talk with Maryvale parents, students and alumnae about why they chose Maryvale … and why they would make the same choice, again, today.

Please don't hesitate ask our Admissions Department staff to connect you with Maryvale families!