Leadership, Engagement and Practice Program

Maryvale launched in 2020 the Leadership, Engagement and Practice (LEAP) Program. Students who are at least juniors and age 16 and over are eligible to participate in this exciting program. They will have the opportunity to shadow professionals in their workplaces. Students will learn new skills, increase content knowledge and engage in relevant experiences while exploring career interests.

If you are interested in being placed for a shadow day, complete this application and follow the steps below:

  1. Complete the application with as much information as possible.
  2. Once a student is approved we will work together to find a non-school day shadow opportunity.
  3. Following the experience students will write a reflection.
  4. Students will send a thank you note to the company that hosted them.

Students are required to complete an application and go through a vetting process with Maryvale's administrative team. If a student is approved and interested in a field of work, they would shadow with a professional for one full or one half-day when school is not in session. They are required to write a one-page reflection.

The program's primary goal is to expose students to possible careers and assist with networking.

Host a Shadow Day