Maryvale iMacs

Maryvale has always been on the cutting edge of technology.

It was one of the first schools in the region to place iPads in the hands of each student. The use of this classroom tool tethers the girls to their teachers, providing additional academic opportunities and help at non-traditional hours. This connectivity also allows the girls to seek educational assistance after school, on weekends and even during snow days. With their iPads, the girls can easily access their assignments and more than 20 databases provided by the Maryvale Library.

But iPads are just the technology starting point for students. Located in the Erinn McCarthy Humanities Hall, an innovative Mac lab equipped with the latest Avid software, the same technology used to make Star Trek and Star Wars, opens up a whole new realm of classes centered on cinematography, digital photography and graphic design. The state-of-the-art technical equipment in McCarthy Theater allows students to practice what they are taught in their Theatrical Technical Production class. And, offerings such as Forensic Science and Engineering Through Robotics are infused with technology at every turn, allowing students to produce masterful digital and 3-D projects.

Technology not only enhances the curriculum at Maryvale, but also strengthens communication with students and parents. The school recently invested in a new website through Finalsite, the premier designer of independent school sites nationally, as well as a companion learning management system. Engineered to enhance online communication with students and parents, this system is utilized daily to connect with the entire Maryvale community in seconds. Further, Maryvale has partnered with Blackbaud to deliver grades to families in a timely, easy manner.