Maryvale Summer Academy

Registration Deadline: All students must be registered and paid in full by Monday, June 14, 2021. Please note all courses are subject to minimum enrollments.

Early registration discounts are available until Friday, May 14, 2021.

How to register:

  • Review the course offerings.
  • Select the first course you wish to register for and you can add additional courses during the registration process.
  • Ensure that you have clicked ‘Submit’ to finalize registration.


  • Students who miss more than 2 class days (including online sessions) will not receive credit for the course. If this occurs, a student may not be able to return to Maryvale in the fall. Two tardies count towards as one absence. Be on time for class!
  • Students are expected to follow the guidelines set forth in the Maryvale Student Handbook about behavior, etc.

Dress Code:

Students are expected to be neat. The following items are NOT allowed: T-shirts with inappropriate wording or graphics, halter-tops or any strapless garment, spandex, shorts and cut-offs, or garments with spaghetti straps. Bare midriffs are not permitted. Sweatpants are not permitted. Any clothing with holes is unacceptable. Closed toe shoes are required. Bermuda shorts (knee-length) are acceptable. If a student arrives at school dressed inappropriately, he/she may be sent home to change or his/her parents may be called and requested to bring more appropriate attire to school for their child.

Questions? Contact Dr. Victor Shin, Upper School Head at Maryvale.