Curriculum Updates & Professional Development

What follows is a sampling of diversity, equity, justice and inclusion curriculum updates and professional development selections. All faculty and staff are required to complete a DEI-focused professional development experience, which has been in effect since 2020. 

Curriculum Updates

Maryvale purchased the complete series of The Choices Program curriculum units for use across campus.

Using up-to-date historiography, the dozens of units in the Complete Series tell an inclusive and responsible history while also encouraging students to grapple with history and current issues in the ways that historians and policymakers do. Using research from Brown University, this series provides teachers with high-quality, carefully researched content that engages students at all levels.

Racial Literacy Curriculum

Maryvale added the Pollyanna Racial Literacy curriculum units to the Middle School.

  • 6th grade unit: The Historical Construction of Race and Current Racial Identities Throughout U.S. Society – The Danger of a Single Story
  • 7th grade unit: What is Race? – How Science, Society, and the Media (Mis)represent Race
  • 8th grade unit: Racism as a Primary “Institution” of the U.S. – How We May Combat Systemic Inequality

World Religions

A new class, World Religions II, has been added to the Theology department. Below are the descriptions of World Religions I and World Religions II.

Professional Development

Maryvale educators are committed to the students in their care, both in and out of the classroom, in an effort to offer each student a sense of belonging at Maryvale. With this goal in mind, increasing awareness about the ways students learn, interact, and are perceived is as much a part of professional development as is pedagogy and teaching innovation. 

Navigating Difficult Conversations

This webinar focuses on how to cultivate safe spaces for students so that open and respectful dialogue can take place in the classroom.

Healing the Racial Water: a half-day Anti-Racist workshop with Dr. Robin DiAngelo

Dr. DiAngelo discusses systemic analysis of White Supremacy and work around Whiteness and White Fragility. Dr. DiAngelo takes participants through topics including white socialization, systemic racism and the specific ways racism manifests for white progressives.

Uplifting Women and Girls of Color Through Anti Racist Pedagogy, Practice, and Policies

Dr. Joshua Schuschke will discuss “Expectations, Opportunities, and Futures: Culturally Responsive Learning Environments for Black Girls in the Digital Age.”

Teaching, Loving and Believing in Black Girls

This session offers a brief overview of the research surrounding Black girls in classroom settings as well as a few strategies that can be implemented in the classroom to center Black girls’ voices.

Identity, Race and the Classroom

One of the greatest challenges facing educators today is how to navigate conversations about race in this volatile social and political moment. Center to the conversations are issues of identity, both for educators and their students.