Middle School Mini-Mester provides interactive learning experience


Sphero Robot Mini-MesterWhile Maryvale’s Upper Schoolers are busy completing their midterm exams, the Middle Schoolers are eagerly embracing the opportunity to enhance their education and build skill sets through the annual Mini-Mester. Under the theme of “Celebrating our Cultures,” this year’s program will allow the girls to explore a variety of customs and traditions from around the globe. To kick off the event, the girls participated in eight sessions throughout the morning on Tuesday, Dec. 18. From Tuesday until Thursday, Dec. 20, the girls will delve deeper into many different cultures and learn more about how they impact the world. Check out everything that the girls experienced during the first day of Mini-Mester 2018. 

African Masks

The girls learned about the significance of Masks in African culture. After watching many video clips depicting the diverse masks of African culture, the girls used paint to create their own. Each mask includes symbols that represent the creator’s own identity and culture. 

Aikido Martial Arts

Under the guidance and instruction of Mr. Bliss, this session involved learning the basics of Aikido, a Japanese Martial Art. After learning the background of this physical art used in defense and rooted in philosophy, they practiced rolls and other movements…and had a blast doing it!


In an effort to celebrate the differences of people and animals, the girls enjoyed learning facts about Terrapin turtles in this session. Through videos and informational handouts, they learned that Terrapin turtles are an incredibly unique and interesting species native to the East coast of America.

French Cuisine & Cultures

The girls watched a short video clip of Julia Child making French crepes, and then began making crepes of their own! They topped their crepes with strawberries, Nutella, whipped cream and white chocolate chips. While enjoying their sweet treats, the girls created Christmas cards in French.

Irish Art: Celtic Letters

The girls enjoyed creating their own Celtic Letter with Mrs. Fitzgibbon using watercolors and cardstock paper. Mrs. Fitzgibbon even taught the girls various Irish phrases and how to tell time in Ireland!

Italian Bocce

The girls enjoyed friendly competition as they played bocce in small groups with Ms. Dubansky. We have some great bocce ball players in the Maryvale Middle School!

Sphero Robots & Flags

We’re getting ready for a parade of Sphero robots on Thursday! Each group that took part in this session designed international flags to be carried by a Sphero robot, which is controlled through an App on their devices. The girls practiced moving the robots in a parade formation, which will be set to music and help us wrap up this Mini-Mester experience.

West African Dance

Ms. Polanowski introduced the girls to high-powered rhythmic West African Dance today! First, Ms. Polanowski explained the significance of dance in West African culture, especially in how the movements express feelings and moral values. Then, the girls learned four moves and put them together to song.

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