Maryvale announces 2020 recipient of Carol Malone Excellence in Teaching Award


The Carol Malone Excellence in Teaching Award, named in honor of renowned Maryvale English teacher Carol Malone, is presented to a current Maryvale faculty member – regardless of tenure – whose innovative and authentic approach in the classroom and across campus inspires a lifetime of learning and leadership among his or her students.

This year’s recipient is a tenured teacher who has worked to deepen and broaden the department’s program for all students. Through the efforts of this faculty member’s support and direction, many students have learned valuable lessons about their ability – and recognized a gift in themselves previously undiscovered.

The daughter of two devoted educators, it is not surprising that this teacher finds joy sharing her love of learning and creative arts with others. Joining the Maryvale community as a learning specialist in the St. Julie Billiart program, this individual is indispensable to girls throughout the school. This faculty member has also taught art to our Middle School students, relishing the connection to all grades and emphasizing cross-curricular instruction. Seizing the opportunity to share her energy, organization and doggedness, when asked to lead the Center for Academic Excellence (CAE), there was no hesitation.  

With a positive attitude, professional approach and well-developed sense of humor, this individual adds perceptible value to all learners in supportive leadership of the CAE. A colleague described this individual as a jack of all trades, the first volunteer when completion of a task is needed whether it be curricular connections within grades or as simple as joining a team to improve our product. This individual’s leadership has transformed the Center of Academic Excellence. Working tirelessly, this individual’s dedication to ensuring that each student has the support that she needs to succeed is unmatched. 

The 2020 Carol Malone Teaching in Excellence Award goes to Courtney Fitzgibbon! Congratulations, Courtney!