Planned Giving

The term planned giving refers to charitable gifts that are arranged with forethought and planning and are executed over an extended period of time or at some point in the future. Planned gifts are a popular method of giving because they can provide significant tax benefits and sources of income. They take various forms - bequests, trusts, annuities, pooled income, property interests - and provide for the future needs of the school. If you have included Maryvale in your estate plans, or to learn more about planned giving, please contact Libby Bagli Nagle '72 at 410-308-8525 or

The Trinity Society was established in 1999 by the Board of Trustees to honor alumnae and friends who have shared their planned giving intentions. Its members are regularly listed in school publications and invited to special events at the school.

Trinity Society Members

Bonnie Caslow Allan '68

Kathleen Bitzel Bennett '57

Kathy Murphy Blue '83 

Artus Nagy Boyd ’56

Mary Castagna Carrillo ’58

Tracey H. Ford

Mercedes Greene ’90

Susie Guzzo Good ’57

Frances Flannery Gunshol '65 

Bette Jean Braden Heins ’61

Mary Lochboehler Kilbourne ’57

†Mary Jo Lancaster

Jane Bracken Mace '65

Kim Goldsmith McCain ’71

Mitchell-Huether Family

Patricia J. Mitchell ’65

Pam Hennegan Moore ’58

Libby Bagli Nagle ’72

Laura E. Walsh Nolan '02

†Mary Ann Bauer O’Connell ’55

Catherine Cochran Peddy ’62

Marci Prosser Reihart ’73

Elizabeth Lerch Visconage ’74

Elizabeth Wells ’70

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