Sports Boosters

Sports Boosters is a parent-run organization whose primary purpose is to provide financial assistance to enhance the on-field success of the athletic programs at Maryvale. Sports Boosters focuses on the needs of the Athletic Department as a whole and not on individual sports. Sports Boosters also seeks to foster school spirit and encourage participation by all of our girls.

We encourage you to sign up to get involved to help at the following upcoming events!

Schedule of events for the 2016-17 school year:

Date:                  Event:                                                  Time:                        Location:
5/11/17               Sports Boosters Meeting                       7 p.m.                      Rodriguez Dining Room
5/15/17               Sports Banquet*                                    TBA                         TBA
5/19/17               Gym Meet**                                           Noon                       Maryvale Turf Field

*Upper School athletes and their families come together for dinner and an awards ceremony to celebrate the girls' accomplishments on the field, in the gym and on the track. 

**Springtime brings with it one of Maryvale’s most beloved traditions - Gym Meet. This grade-versus-grade competition inspires creativity, collaboration and school spirit. Each class coordinates formations and writes songs according to a chosen theme. Judged by a panel of Maryvale alumnae, the winners walk away with the coveted Gym Meet Banner.  

For more information, please contact the Sports Boosters President, Scott Burns P '17.

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