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SAGE Dining Services provides a talented chef on campus preparing fresh, healthy breakfasts and lunches, with a different menu selection every day, as well as after school menu items.  If you wish your daughter to have the option of purchasing breakfast, lunch, after school, or even a beverage or cookie, you must register online with My Kids Spending and set up an account.  Once funds are deposited online, your daughter may make purchases with a swipe of her student ID card.  Your My Kids Spending account is a declining balance account.  There are no cash transactions.
Please note that funding for the My Kids Spending SAGE Dining Services account is NOT included in your First Semester Tuition invoice. 
Once an online account is established for your daughter, that account is active until your daughter graduates or leaves Maryvale.  Complete instructions for establishing and reviewing your daughter’s account are detailed below.

Click here to log-in: My Kids Spending!

Register to use the My Kids Spending website. All new registrations take 5-7 business days to become active. After you complete the registration form, return to this web page in 5-7 business days and try your log-in with My Kids Spending. Register for My Kids Spending!

To view Maryvale's lunch menu please click here.

Common Questions:

What is My Kids Spending?

My Kids Spending is a safe and secure website where parents can view and manage their daughter’s SAGE dining account activity at any time.  Using the My Kids Spending website will be the only way for you to deposit funds into your daughter’s dining account. 

Why is Maryvale utilizing My Kids Spending?

My Kids Spending is a great opportunity for parents to manage their daughter’s dining account.  Through a safe and secure website, parents are responsible for adding funds electronically to the account.  The accounts are updated each night so parents can rest assured that funds will be available for the same delicious and nutritious SAGE meals the next school day.

What are the benefits of using My Kids Spending?

Parents will be able to view their daughter’s purchases within 24 hours of a transaction.  No waiting for a statement to be sent from Maryvale.  Parents may add funds to the dining account at any time. Finally, parents with more than one daughter at Maryvale, can set up My Kids Spending to manage both accounts through one log-in and password.  You will be able to view all account activity at the same time.  When you make deposits, your credit card charge or checking account deduction will be completed in one transaction.

When can I start using My Kids Spending?

You must complete an online registration process to have access to My Kids Spending, however, there will be a delay of three to four business days while your daughter’s My Kids Spending account is set-up.

How do I complete the registration process and what information will I need?

You can complete the registration for My Kids Spending by going online to the Maryvale website.  Go to the “School Life” tab and click on Dining Services.  Select the My Kids Spending registration form, complete and submit.  The process may take a few minutes and will generate a confirmation number and password.  You will also receive an e-mail detailing your log-in and password.  Please print this e-mail for your records.  You will need a current working e-mail address.

Must I create an account with My Kids Spending?

Yes if you wish for your daughter to be able to purchase any items from the Dining Room.  Every parent is required to complete the registration process with My Kids Spending to establish a log-in and password.  Before you can use this website, you must successfully register for a log-in.  This will allow access to view your daughter’s account.  All dining deposits must be made through the My Kids Spending website.  Checks and cash sent to Maryvale will not be accepted.

May I register with My Kids Spending after school opens?

Yes. There is “rolling” registration. However, there will be a delay of three to four business days while your daughter’s My Kids Spending account is set-up.

My son goes to a boys’ school that uses SAGE. Why is his school not using My Kids Spending?

Not every school that uses SAGE operates the same debit system.  The debit system used at Maryvale includes My Kids Spending as a benefit to the parents, so they can view their daughter’s transactions.

I noticed that there are transaction fees involved with on-line deposits, why is that?

This is the cost of doing business electronically. The small fee, charged by My Kids Spending, is used to cover bank transaction fees and the set up and hosting of the website.

Will I need to register with My Kids Spending every year that my daughter attends Maryvale?

No, your registration with My Kids Spending at Maryvale does not expire.  Once you have completed this registration process, you will not need to do it again.

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