Effective use of technology throughout the school community involves careful consideration of the general curriculum. The core competencies identified in every level of the curriculum must be the driving force behind the utilization of technology in the classroom. Maryvale’s faculty, staff and students must view the technology integration as an enhancement to this already proven curriculum foundation. They will utilize the technology-based tools to complement their individual goals towards educational excellence.

There are several benefits or goals in establishing the “preliminary requirements” as the measuring rod for all technology decisions detailed within this plan. These goals include:

  • To educate our students in the practical application of technology by promoting it as a tool for instruction in every subject area.
  • To allow the students to see continuity in learning objectives and the fundamental application of today’s technology enhancements.
  • To promote the importance of the curriculum and the included core competencies over the importance of the technology itself.
  • To promote the valid utilization of instructional technology tools in a classroom setting and to elevate their importance through intentional curriculum integration.
  • To demonstrate to the entire school community that the integrity of our curriculum content will not be compromised with “computers for computers sake.”
  • To ensure parents and other care givers that Maryvale Preparatory School is adequately considering the proper use of technology-based education.
  • To ensure that faculty is not forced to mold their curriculum objectives around the implemented technology, but instead to enhance their curriculum via technology.
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