Affording Maryvale

Financial assistance enables Maryvale to enroll qualified students who may not otherwise have access to a Catholic school education. We are committed to providing access for deserving students and supporting economic diversity in our student population. To this end, we offer financial assistance to families with demonstrated need. Within the constraints of limited funds, we wish to make a Maryvale education possible for every student who is offered admission.  

How Assistance Decisions are Made:
After the Parents’ Financial Statement is completed, the results are reviewed by Maryvale's Financial Assistance Committee. Every effort is made to help families afford the cost of a Maryvale education, though we expect parents to give their daughter’s education a very high priority in their financial planning. The committee maintains the confidentiality of the information provided by parents, and if a family receives a financial assistance grant, we expect families to respect our confidentiality as well.  

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