Middle School Student Life

Hi! Welcome to the Middle School!

My name is Jordan Oliver, and I’m the Middle School Director of Student Life. At Maryvale, we value a “work-hard, play-hard” philosophy, and it’s my job to make our learning environment a fun, engaging and rewarding one.

Down here in the Middle School, we’re big-picture thinkers. We believe that Middle School girls need to be Middle School girls, and so we strive to maintain a balanced school climate.

We instill in our students an understanding that while we work hard to surround them with exciting opportunities outside of the classroom, they have to work hard inside the classroom; after all, “to whom much is given, even more will be required.” 

So what do these “outside opportunities” look like? From a haunted Halloween party in the Castle, to a Secret Santa Christmas exchange, we certainly know how to celebrate the seasons. February brought with it our first-ever Cocoa House, where the girls were given the chance to showcase their talents in an open-mic setting. In March, our student leaders ran a neon-themed mixer. 

Aside from coordinating social activities, it’s my job to cultivate a positive, service-oriented and faith-filled learning environment. Early on in the year, we hosted a Believe Big mug-painting afternoon for cancer patients, as well as partnered with Carry 117 - a ministry located in Ethiopia, Africa that is centered on women empowerment and self-sustainment. Led by our Student Council and National Junior Honor Society, the Middle School raised enough money to provide four months worth of salary for the Carry 117 employees, as well as schooling for their children.

As you can see, there’s a lot going on in our Middle School…and we like to keep it that way. Did you know that brain growth between the ages of 10 and 15 is the greatest in human life? We tell our girls that their Middle School years are the times when they are finding out who they are and how they’ve been gifted - and then we give them opportunities to see just how.

As someone who was a Maryvale student herself, I know what this school is capable of giving to its students; and as a faculty member now “on the other side of the desk,” my No. 1 desire is to help give it back.  This is a place where you are known - and where you will always be surrounded by people who not only want the best for you, but who believe that the best of yourself is always yet to be revealed. 

This is how we learn. This is how we lead. This is how we succeed.

Hope to see you soon!

Jordan Oliver ‘09
Middle School Director of Student Life 

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