Posted February 1

Panera Coupon: Sales are continuing. Consider them for birthdays, or a Valentine’s and Easter basket treat! The two styles are strips of six coupons of three bagels each or a mixture of breads, bagels, cookies/brownies. These are great “thank you” gifts for associates, hairdressers, mailmen, etc. The retail values are $18 and $20, but through this promotion they are all only $10 each strip. Use the 18 bagels on a strip for your next meeting since it’s less expensive than the bakers dozen at the store!

Use the attached order sheet to request the type and quantity of the two kinds of coupon strips. And include your daughter’s name and homeroom advisor for all grades. Any deadline for delivery write in LARGE font, enclose your check made payable to the Class of 2012 Post-Prom and put it in an envelope marked Panera in the box marked Panera in Mrs. Maguire’s office. Contact Jane Brown, if you have any questions by email at

PRIZES: Please see the attached list of prizes. Contact: Renee Lown at 410-832-0078 or email

Have you received a similar gift, but it isn't your style? It might be ours! REgift it! Does your business have promotional items we can use as favors for boys and girls? Consider donating your discounts like Bed Bath and Beyond coupons, Kohls Cash (they don't expire), Macy's Red card discounts, Staples and Office Depot Expiring Rewards , $10 off if you buy $50 offers and checks from ink rebates, Dick's Members Money back checks, BEST BUY Reward Zone credits, CVS Extra Care Dollars, Clipper Magazine coupons, credit card points that are expiring.

Volunteers for the Prize and Security Committees may sign up at or contact Andrea Kriss via email at There is also a link on the website to email Andrea.

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