Happy February!

Posted February 1

The following teachers and classes will be moving into the new building:

  • Mrs. Burkhart: Middle and Upper School Music, Chorus and Band
  • Mrs. Butcher: Upper School Technology
  • Mrs. Randisi: Sophomore English and Senior Yearbook
  • Mrs. Coburn: Freshman and Junior English
  • Mr. Lund: Junior and Senior English
  • Ms. Malone: Junior and Senior English
  • Ms. Read: Junior and Senior Social Studies
  • Ms. Jacobs: Freshman and Junior Social Studies

Thank you for your flexibility and patience. This move is dependent on the weather and our obtaining an occupancy permit. Say a prayer that all goes well.

Hopefully you have received the report card mailing sent last Friday. Included is a flyer announcing our winter Parent iPad Meetings. Our faculty and technology professionals have learned a great deal this year using the iPads in the classroom. They have some very important information to share with you, so we hope you will attend on February 8 for Middle School or February 15 for Upper School parents. Each session will begin at 7 p.m. in the Dining Room. Please use this opportunity to share with us your experience of your daughter’s iPad use and learn about internet safety and cyber bullying. I look forward to seeing you on either night.


Donna Bridickas


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