Social Justice Coalition (SoJuCo)

Maryvale’s Christian Service requirement calls each student to go beyond her comfort zone to cultivate an awareness of societal needs and to develop relationships with individuals in society with whom they would not otherwise interact with in daily life. Students are provided with numerous service opportunities which enable each young woman to work toward the 75 hours required for graduation.

 In addition to helping students achieve their required hours, our goal is to build within the school a culture of both service and justice.This is encouraged through the variety of service and justice programs coordinated by Maryvale’s Social Justice Coalition (SoJuCo), a student-led organization established in honor of St. Julie Billiart, the foundress of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur. 

 SoJuCo leaders develop and implement over 20 different service and justice initiatives which address the needs of a wide variety of marginalized populations. These opportunities provide students invaluable leadership skills while enabling the Maryvale community to reach out and make a difference both locally and globally. 

Contact Information

Mr. Michael Vogrin
Service Coordinator