Validating the Vision

Maryvale Preparatory School is accredited by The Middle States Association's Commission on Secondary Schools. To be accredited by the Commission on Secondary Schools, a school must meet the Middle States Association's standards for each major area of a school's work and activity. These areas include the school's philosophy/mission/beliefs/objectives, governance and leadership, organizational design and staff, educational programs, learning media services and technology, student services, student life and activities, facilities, health and safety, finances, assessment of student learning, and planning.

Validating the Vision , published by the National Catholic Educational Association, combines accreditation and strategic planning through the lens of the Catholic identity of the school in a process of both internal self-evaluation and external validation. As part of the process, Maryvale develops student performance objectives as the focus for continued improvement. Ongoing review is the hallmark of the Validating the Vision protocol, and Maryvale conducts an annual review of the plan and the school's progress toward achieving its student performance objectives and to communicate the results of its work to the school's community.

 "Maryvale Preparatory School is to be congratulated for having completed the rigorous and demanding accreditation review process successfully," said Dr. Henry G. Cram, Executive Director of the Commission on Secondary Schools. "By meeting the standards of the Association, and by having established a comprehensive and challenging strategic plan to improve targeted areas of student performance, Maryvale has joined a growing number of schools in the Middle States region that are committed to public accountability for their results. The Commission encourages the entire Maryvale community to join together in supporting the school as it seeks to achieve its objectives over the next seven years."