Maryvale's iPad Program

Maryvale is excited to launch an iPad Program for the 2011-2012 school year!

Maryvale’s faculty, staff, and students view this integration as an enhancement to an already proven curriculum foundation, one that will complement their individual goals toward educational excellence.

We have chosen the iPad for the following reasons:
  • We believe that the time for 1:1 learning has arrived at Maryvale.
  • The iPad has many of the same capabilities as a computer, but is more compact and less expensive.
  • Using technology can be motivating for students in the classroom.
  • The 10-hour battery life means that students can use the device the entire school day before needing to recharge it.
  • iPads instantly turn on which reduces the amount of downtime in the classroom.
  • Using an iPad addresses all of the learning styles - auditory, visual and kinesthetic.
  • Anywhere, anytime access to the Internet gives students the opportunity to learn wherever they are on campus.
  • Using an iPad is intuitive for students, and minimal technical support will be needed.
  • The iPad is light and portable which makes it easily carried in the backpack during the school day.
  • Many of the novels that the students read for English classes are available on the iPad, and eventually textbooks will also be available.
  • Students can take notes in class in a variety of ways without disrupting others. Using a traditional keyboard can be distracting but using the touch screen on the iPad can be done quietly.
  • A variety of apps allows the students to choose the one that best suits their learning needs.
  • Documents and tasks can be uploaded to iBooks by the teacher and downloaded onto the iPad by the student and vice versa. Texts and documents can be annotated and commented on by multiple students and teachers.
  • The iPad can be used with peripherals such as keyboards and printers.
  • Students can use the assistive technology settings to best help them learn.


Technology resources are for the sole use of students, faculty, staff and administrators of Maryvale Preparatory School.  These resources include but are not limited to computers, monitors, printers, scanners, iPads, multimedia equipment, access to the Internet, use of Maryvale’s email system and any hardware provided by Maryvale.

These guidelines apply to all resources that may be locally or remotely accessed.  Furthermore, remote access (any location not on the campus) implies that Maryvale users will not allow any other person to access or use Maryvale computer resources.


The purpose of the Acceptable Use Policy is to insure school-wide compliance with the guidelines and educational objectives set forth by Maryvale Preparatory School.  The Acceptable Use Policies and guidelines shall apply to all students, faculty, staff, and administrators who use the Maryvale technology resources as defined above.  The ultimate responsibility for appropriate use of the Internet and Maryvale’s resources lies with the user of these resources.


Students are granted use of Maryvale’s technology resources upon return of a signed Maryvale Handbook Agreement.

  • Computer, iPad, email, Internet, and Intranet users shall respect the privacy of other users on and off campus.
  • Users may not, under any circumstances, log on under or use another user’s account or iPad.
  • Users may not share passwords.
  • Students will lock their iPads using a passcode. This passcode will be provided to teacher, administrator, and/or technology department member when requested.
  • Any recording device, including but not limited to video and digital cameras and camera phones to take videos or still pictures, may not be used to slander, bully or denigrate any student, visitor, staff member, faculty member, and or administrator, on or off the campus at any time.
  • All messages or postings to any Internet site on or off campus at any time (notes, email, newsgroups, bulletin boards, wikis, or other interactive forms of communication such as Instant Messaging) shall be educationally purposeful and appropriate.  Hate mail, harassment, discriminatory remarks, vulgarity, swearwords, other antisocial behaviors, chain letters, and threats of any kind are prohibited.  Appropriate messages would include such communications relating to Maryvale academics, co-curricular events, and school community life.
  • Users are responsible for all activities conducted when using personal accounts.
  • Users shall respect copyright laws and licensing agreements pertaining to materials entered into and obtained via the Internet or other electronic sources.
  • Use of the Internet and/or other resources for personal gain, profit, commercial advertising, or political lobbying is prohibited.
  • Use of Maryvale technology resources must be in support of curriculum and research and consistent with the purposes and Mission Statement of Maryvale Preparatory School.
  • The use of Maryvale technology resources to purposefully access pornographic material, inappropriate text files, information advocating violence or files harmful to the integrity of Maryvale Preparatory School is prohibited.
  • Also restricted is access to information on, but not limited to, gambling, illegal drugs, alcohol use, online merchandising, hate speeches, criminal skills, alternative journals, Fanfic, and chat rooms. Use must be consistent with the Mission Statement of Maryvale Preparatory School and reflect the accepted Christian standards expressed in that Mission Statement.
  • Students may access social networking sites such as Facebook, use Instant Messaging, and access outside email accounts and educational games under the supervision and at the discretion of a teacher, administrator, or Technology Department member.
  • Users of the Internet will be allowed to download or transfer appropriate programs, pictures, music files or data onto the iPad for educational purposes.
  • Users of the Internet will not be allowed to download or transfer programs, pictures, music files, or data onto any Maryvale laptop or computer without first receiving permission from the supervising teacher or Technology Department member.
  • Software or hardware should not be installed on any computer at Maryvale without the approval of and under the supervision of the Director of Technology and/or the Director of Academic Technology.
  • Users of the Internet will not give their real name, address, phone number, school name or any personal information to anyone on the Internet unless under the supervision of a teacher, administrator or member of the Technology Department. For example, students may be asked to provide personal information when signing up for Web 2.0 tools or when registering to access online textbooks and resources.
  • Students making inappropriate reference about the school and/or its students, faculty, staff or administrators on any public internet site, chat rooms, or other public electronic media will be subject to disciplinary action that will be determined by administrators and could include suspension or expulsion.
  • Food and/or beverages are not permitted in any Computer Lab or in any area where computers are located on campus.  With the exception of students with medical notes on file, failure to adhere to this guideline warrants a demerit and computer privileges will be suspended for the day.
  • iPads will not be permitted in the Dining Room during any lunch period or during breakfast.  Students who plan to use their iPads in the student lounge during free periods or lunch may not use them until they have finished their food and/or beverages.
  • All iPads will be securely stored in a locked locker during lunch periods, after school while students are practicing sports, music, or drama and when otherwise not in use.
  • Maryvale Preparatory School, under the direction of the Director of Technology and the Director of Academic Technology, reserves the right to access all incoming/outgoing data accessed by students, faculty, staff and administrators.
  • Students may not use any means to access restricted sites.
  • Students may not post images of teachers, staff or other personnel on the Internet without receiving permission from the individual(s) involved.
  • Students may not alter the configuration of any school-owned computer or iPad.
  • Students may not use the cameras on their iPads unless given permission by and under the direct supervision of a teacher, administrator, and/or Technology Department member during school hours.  Parents may restrict the use of the camera at any other time by setting the Parental Controls.

Consequences of Inappropriate Behavior
All use of Maryvale technology resources will be monitored through the use of computer software and/or by any teacher and/or administrator with the assistance of the Director of Technology and Director of Academic Technology.  Any user who does not comply with these guidelines will lose access privilege and/or have their iPad confiscated for a period of time.  Students who have repeated or severe infractions of the AUP will be subject to disciplinary action by the Dean of Students or the Middle School Head.  Violations of federal and state regulations such as sending threatening email and accessing or distributing obscene material will be dealt with by the governing law enforcement agency.

Personal Devices
No personal wireless or hardwired devices, such as laptops, tablets, PDAs, video cameras, video/telephone cameras (phones must be turned off during classes) shall be used on campus  without  the written  consent of  the Director of Technology or Director of Academic Technology.  Furthermore, any wireless or hardwired devices that attach to the Maryvale network must meet the requirements of the Technology Department in the area of operating system and virus protection.  Violations of this rule may result in confiscation of the user’s equipment and disciplinary action.

Maryvale Preparatory School will not be responsible for any damages suffered including loss of data resulting from delay, non-deliveries, service interruptions, or inaccurate information.  The person operating the computer or iPad accepts personal responsibility for any information obtained via the Internet or other electronic sources.  The person operating the computer accepts personal responsibility for actions on the Internet.

Vandalism will result in immediate disciplinary action by the Dean of Students.  Vandalism is defined as any malicious attempt to harm or destroy any part of Maryvale’s technology resources.  This includes, but is not limited to, uploading, creating, transmitting computer viruses or “hacking” into any part of the Maryvale system.  This includes but is not limited to all operating systems, student and administrative files, and any other private files of Maryvale.