Maryvale’s Middle School curriculum offers a responsive and challenging educational environment in which all students are able to excel. As courses progress, students become fully equipped with the tools needed to succeed in the Upper School. Courses include religion; language arts; social studies; mathematics; science; foreign language (French or Spanish); physical education; health: technology: music and art. Students may complete Upper School courses such as Algebra I, French I, or Spanish I.

The Upper School curriculum provides a strong college preparatory program with over 100 courses that meet the needs of the individual learner. College Preparatory, Accelerated, and Honors courses include English; French or Spanish; mathematics; social studies; and science. The curriculum also includes theology, physical education, health, music, art and technology. Eleven Advanced Placement courses are offered in English, mathematics, science, social studies, French and Spanish. Students participate in a daily advisory program. Maryvale also partners with Anne Arundel Community College to offer college level courses for credit in Psychology and Abnormal Psychology.

Both the Middle School and Upper School participate in a daily resource period at the end of the day which provides students the opportunity to meet with teachers, work on group projects, visit the library or join a club. This activity provides PSAT and SAT preparation.