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College Guidance

As 100 percent of Maryvale graduates attend a college or university, the importance of early and consistent preparation and planning is explained at Freshman Orientation. A formal and focused introduction to the college search, application and selection process begins the first week of junior year. Each student and her parents meet individually with the Director of Counseling to develop a personal plan for securing acceptable college placements. 

Included in this process is a specific regimen of standardized tests that begin in the freshman year with an introduction to the PSAT, and progresses through the repetition of the PSAT in sophomore year, to the final PSAT and, ultimately, the SAT, ACT and appropriate SAT Subject Tests in the junior and senior years. Advanced Placement testing is also available for qualified students in the 11th and 12th grades. 

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Catherine Cunnane
Director of Counseling

Monica Graham 
Director of College Counseling 

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Director of the St. Julie Billiart Program